Permanent Makeup Clients From

Faye had always been curious about permanent makeup but hadn’t taken the plunge until May when she decided to get her first-ever PMU treatment with Lucie. Living in Wimbledon, Faye wanted a change that would enhance her natural beauty without being too dramatic.

Lucie suggested an powder brows treatment, known for its soft, natural gradient effect. During the sessions, Lucie carefully crafted a look that would frame Faye’s face beautifully and enhance her features subtly.

The results were stunning. Faye left the clinic with perfectly shaped brows that gave her a fresh, youthful appearance. Now, every glance in the mirror is a reminder of her bold decision to try something new. Faye couldn’t be happier with her powder brows, feeling more confident and radiant than ever.

For anyone in Wimbleton considering a permanent makeup treatment, Faye’s experience with Lucie highlights how a personalized approach can yield truly remarkable results.