Digital brows are a revolutionary way to achieve the look of natural, full eyebrows using a digital tattoo pen. This form of permanent cosmetic treatment is perfect for all skin types, including those that may not be suitable for microblading hair strokes.

The tattoo pen is used to create hairstroke brows, which mimic the look of real eyebrow hairs. The procedure is typically done in two parts, spaced out 6-8 weeks apart, to allow for optimal healing and color retention.

One of the benefits of digital brows is that they require very little maintenance. Unlike traditional eyebrow makeup that needs to be applied daily, digital brows are a low-maintenance solution that can last for years. This makes them a great investment for those who want to simplify their daily beauty routine.

Digital brows are also highly customizable, allowing for a wide range of eyebrow shapes and styles to be created. Whether you prefer a natural, subtle look or a bold, dramatic style, digital brows can be tailored to your unique preferences.

Overall, digital brows are an innovative and effective way to achieve beautiful, full eyebrows that last. If you’re considering this procedure, be sure to choose an experienced and reputable provider to ensure the best possible results.


All treatment prices are inclusive of 6-8 weeks follow up session.



Avoid the use of retinol and AHA’s 4 weeks prior to your treatment

Apply a thin layer of healing balm to your brow enhancement unless you were recommended a dry heal

Do not expose your brows to a high level of sun, heat, sunbeds, jacuzzi, water or cardio for 14 days after your treatment

This can alter the way the brows heal and disrupt the healing process due to scabs falling off early

If your enhancement gets wet, gently pat the area dry using a clean tissue.

Do not receive eyebrow tinting, waxing, electrolysis or laser hair removal treatments close the the brow region for two weeks

Do not pick, peel or rub your enhancement, this will cause the colour to heal unevenly

Allow the colour to flake away by itself

Some itching is normal

Do not receive skincare beauty treatments for 14 days after the application of your enhancement

Keep fringe away from brows to prevent infection