Your skin health should be maintained every 4-6 weeks with a facial, as salon treatments are much more effective than regular home care routines. Salon facial treatments work much deeper within the skin layers and are able to achieve much longer lasting effect due to applying different treatment technologies . Regular facials also allow flexibility to alternate between treatments depending on your actual skin needs in order to maximise benefits.

One facial is enough to see an immediate effect! However regular facials will help to maintain your skin in its optimum skin health with long lasting effects such as, keep pre-mature ageing at bay, balance out hydration levels and maintain the dewy youthful effect of healthy skin

Do you offer facials for teenagers as well as men?

Absolutely. Teenage skins are very vulnerable due to their hormonal changes which effect sweat glands and oil overproduction causing deep skin congestion and even acne. Regular cleansing facials allow the localised congestion and its localised inflammation to stay under control.


Men’s facials have really grown in popularity. Men’s skin is generally thicker with more sebaceous glands and benefits from regular skin rejuvenation and deep cleanse. All facials are suitable for men and men will see the benefits from facials just as female customers do.

Electrolysis is the only medically approved hair removal treatment that can treat any area on the body successfully. It is a progressive treatment and there is no specific number of treatments that guarantee the end of the hair cycle growth, as everyone is different and so are the reasons behind the hair growth. Consultation is recommended to offer guidance on an effective treatment plan.

Advanced Electrolysis procedures are most sought after for the benefits of this highly effective treatment as a wide range of skin blemishes can be treated easily and effectively with minimal skin reaction and post treatment care. It is a safe and proven route to improved skin confidence.

Any permanent cosmetic treatment delivers vast benefits of wearing makeup without applying make up. It will enhance your features with treatments created bespoke to you by considering your skin tone and hair colour and facial features regardless if you choose brow, lip or lash enhancement. 

Once you complete your initial two treatments 6-8 weeks apart, it is recommended that you book colour refresh treatment within 12- 18 months as permanent make up fades over time due to ageing of your skin, sun exposure, lifestyle and overall health.