Boost Vitality, Reduce Stress and Enhance Sleep

The trailblazing mechanical stimulation technology by LPG has launched new treatment protocol.

Since 1986, French LPG brand and their device-based cellular stimulation Endermologie treatments have been pioneers in the health, beauty, and well-being industries. The revolutionary non-invasive and non-aggressive mechanical tissue manipulation has the unique ability to grip the body as if it were a human hand, while penetrating body tissue at a much deeper level than physical massage. Working on the lymphatic system the circulatory network that helps to balance the body’s fluid levels, it also helps defend against infection.

Renowned for decades as the French wellness secret, the patented Endermologie technique is also used extensively in the medical industry by physiotherapist to treat muscle issues, plastic surgeons to aid post-surgery healing and in the treatment of burns and scarring.

However with the growing interest for wellness treatments that provide self-improvement and mindful brain boosting, this new Vitality, Stress, Sleep protocol has become the Wellness Boost!


Vitality, Stress, Sleep protocol 
We live in a world of intensified pressure which can negatively affect our health and wellness. LPG is charting the evolution of modern health concerns tackling stress, anxiety, insomnia, immunity function and women’s health issues with the trailblazing Endermologie technology, which has cemented their authority in the holistic wellness space.

The clinical trial of the new protocol has proven to have genuinely life changing impact on overall physical, mental, and emotional health & well-being.


Key Clinical Results


  • Increase of +9.4% in T-LYMPHOCYTES that help fight infections and increase natural defenses.
  • Accuracy increased by 2.5% and concentration by 6%



  • Levels of stress hormone, cortisol, lowered by 44.6% – after single session cortisol was reduced by 19%
  • Anxiety levels and depression reduced by -50.9%
  • Muscular pain was reduced by -69%
  • Heart rate Variability (HRV) increased by +76.6%



  • Insomnia – related sleep disorders were reduced by 54.7%
  • Sleep quality improved implying a better overall recovery