Strong and Dark Facial Hair a sign of hormonal imbalance


I treat women’s excessive hair growth daily with electrolysis which is a cosmetic procedure using an electric current to destroy the hair at it’s root and prevent it from growing again. This procedure requires multiple sessions and the length of each treatment and the treatment frequency depends on the size of the treatment area, the amount of hair and the number of treatment areas.

Excessively high androgen levels are the most common hormonal problem for women that suffer with excessive facial hair growth.
For many women this problem occurs during their fertile years, for some even in puberty and also during and after menopause.

I therefore recommend that each customer understands the reason behind their excessive hair growth as working on re-balancing hormones will hugely support the success of electrolysis treatments.

One of the symptoms of excessive androgen is PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome. This syndrome is linked to high levels of insulin and that is why many doctors will prescribe metformin because it treats insulin resistance by regulating your insulin levels, helping to normalise them. You can see that this makes PCOS not just hormonal but also a metabolic condition that causes unwanted hair growth.

High androgen levels also presents with other symptoms that you may be experiencing but that does not meant you will experience them all:

infrequent / prolonged menstrual cycle
excess male hormones- androgen
hair growth
thinning hair
insulin resistance