Fat Cells and Cellulite treated with LPG Endermologie

Body Focus
LPG Endermologie is a treatment device designed to work on the connective tissue(collagen bands) of our skin which is just the area where cellulite is formed.
Not everyone is aware that cellulite has 3 grades of it’s appearance.
Stage 0 – means no dimpling
Stage 1 – dimpling when pinched
Stage 2 – visible dimpling when standing but cellulite disappears when lying down
Stage 3 – visible dimpling when standing and lying down
Cellulite also comes in 3 different types.
Aqueous Cellulite
Adipose Cellulite
Fibrous Cellulite
LPG Endermologie works on all three stages and types of cellulite together.
Cellulite occurs only on butt, thighs and hips as on these parts of the body there are too many alpha 2 receptors.
Alpha 2 receptors are located in the fat cells and tell the body to store fat for later use. This stored fat then acts as a reserve in lean times, which are hardly present during modern day life.
Cellulite can also get worse during pregnancy, when you take birth control pills and during menopause.
During these hormonal imbalances the connective tissue is very disorganised and that allows for cellulite to push through this area and create the dimpled effect called we all recognise.
Why do we get connective tissue disturbance?
It comes down to excessive oestrogen levels.
You may be querying how you can be oestrogen dominant when you are in menopause and your ovaries no longer produce this hormone.
Well what lot of people don’t realise is that there are other parts of the body that also make oestrogen.
For example fat cells through an enzyme called Aromatase. It converts available Testosterone to Oestrogen.
So if there is an excess oestrogen than that destroys collagen and elastin fibres within the connective tissue allowing for the cellulite and fat cells to enlarge and push through the connective tissue that makes your cellulite look more visible.
Also the excess of Aromatase enzyme destroys fibroblasts that make the collagen under the skin and so you will end up with nothing that would hold the fat in place.
There can be other hormones involved in this problem, such as elevated cortisol that leads to muscle atrophy, loss of growth hormone due to ageing that allows you to burn fat, increased insulin level that will block any chance of burning fat, less of melatonin hormone which prevents lot of illnesses and quality of sleep, low DHEA which is a testosterone precursor which is helping to produce other hormones.
Now to the most important part -Plan of Action
FIX THE MUSCLE ATROPHY – stimulate glutes, thighs and hips with lunges, squats, retro walk, treadmill sprinting.
FIX THE CIRCULATION PROBLEM – with cellulite you loose the circulatory system right under the skin so we get lot of congestion and free radical damage. You need to do the rebound exercises, also red light therapy is very helpful as it increases melatonin, antioxidants and the quality of your sleep. Massage and dry skin brushing is very good but LPG Endermologie will significantly help you with all the above.
FIX THE COLLAGEN PROBLEM with LPG Endermologie, you can also try intermittent fasting and aromatase inhibitor creams.
THE BIGGEST MISTAKE I SEE – that you are not giving these changes enough time to start showing. You have got to remember that it has probably taken your body months if not years to break down the fibres within the connective tissue and it will take months if not a year to year and a half for you to see a major difference if your fat cells are .
However LPG Endermologie treatment speeds this process up as it is scientifically proven that due to the treatment stimulation your body changes alpha 2 receptors to beta receptors and trigger off a body function called the lipolysis which is when your body naturally burns fat instead of storing it (lipogenesis stage). The stimulation of microcirculation and lymphatic system around the effected area will allow your fat cells to release its content which you will then burn off during your daily activities like walking or exercise .
LPG Endermologie will also improve the firmness of your skin as it stimulates new fibroblasts production and therefore growth of new collagen and elastin by 71%.
You can see that all three parts of the action plan is where LPG Endermologie treatment will be assisting you with and will get you to your goal quicker together with cleaner diet and regular exercise.